Tag: dead


  • Mitchell [DEAD]

    The party encountered this unknown thug on the streets of Warden Cliff, heading a party of his two henchmen. They confused the party by asking them some simple yet aggressive questions and then attacked them; however, the attack turned out to be fruitless …

  • Derrick Richardson [DEAD]

    h6. The party encountered Derrick - a friend of John Doe's from back at _*GreyMesa*_ - at _*RustWater*_ when he brought *Brit Hunter* to them, claiming that the washed-up cloak could provide some information and insight on what they were looking for.

  • Malcolm the Pinky [DEAD]

    Malcolm was easily found in Moonshine, one of those barrens' settlements that stubbornly appear on the surface outside of the safety of the city districts. The Announcer that was shouting out the news agreed to find a sifter for the party, and Malcolm …

  • Scary Poppits [DEAD]

    The party met her in the barrens, where they were led by their mysterious [[:lionel | saviour]]. She was one of the newly formed group to infiltrate the mansion, presumed to belong to [[:alistair-crime-lord | Alistair Pennsworth]], a former Timothy's …