Malcolm the Pinky [DEAD]

A young sifter in the barrens


A young and handsome, Malcolm is still a careful sifter who makes his living going for ancient artefacts lost in the barrens and looking for anything out of place and of value.

He does work as a guide occasionally, when time demands some extra cash.

Malcolm doesn’t display any aggression towards people around him, being a young and charismatic fellow, but he doesn’t strike as someone who will be talking unless asked about anything in particular.


Malcolm was easily found in Moonshine, one of those barrens’ settlements that stubbornly appear on the surface outside of the safety of the city districts.

The Announcer that was shouting out the news agreed to find a sifter for the party, and Malcolm was waiting for them next to the local pub.

After being paid, he quickly produced the information he was hired for, stating that Scary Poppits that the party was after had beed residing on the second floor.

He decided to stay loyal to his employers, and chose the party’s side during the Moonshine massacre, despite being outnumbered and hit by the runestorm.
However, he was quick to abandon his fighting and seek cover inside the temple when the runestorm worsened.

He followed his employers after the Moonshine massacre, helping them with his knowledge of the Barrens to find a possible location of the far door that Medraut and his band had used to escape. He was successful in that task, leading the party to a small wet cave, where they found the far door and activated it.

On the other side of the far door – in Grey Mesa District – he decided to leap to action after having faced Joshua and his henchmen guarding the exit. After shooting and realising that the magical force field prevents bullets from going through, he tried running through that field.

He met his doom whilst running through the magical force field in the back alley of some Grey Mesa neighbourhood – the field decimated him completely, leaving no trace nor even ash.

Malcolm the Pinky [DEAD]

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