Brother Midnight

Member of the Temple of Twilight



Arcane Background (Shadowpriest)
Unusual Ancestory
Dark Vision (from Shadowpriest)


Obligations (major): Church of Twilight
Rage (major)


N Well-Travelled (Barrens)
5 Storm Sense


Agility d4
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Derived Attributes

Charisma 0
Pace 5
Parry 4
Toughness 6 (1)


Fighting d4
Healing d8
Survival d6
Tracking d8
Intimidation d8
Guts d6
Persuasion d4
Faith d8
Stealth d4
Outlander’s Common Knowledge (=Smarts): d8 + 2 (Well-travelled: Barrens)


Healing (3, touch, heal 1 wound/success 2/raise)
Summon Shadow (3, spirit, RPDE 42, 3, 1/rd)

Shadow Taint: A raise on an attack power: -2 to target’s vision (RPDE 30)

Level ups

N Well-Travelled (Barrens)
5 Storm Sense
10 Tracking and Intimidation to d8
15 4 XP


You ask my name? Ha! My name is of little importance, what is important is my faith in Our Lady of Shadows. But as you must address me somehow, you may call me Brother Midnight.

I have been a servant of Lady Umbriel from my very birth. Some who walk in the light of deception may say that I was abandoned, an orphan on the steps of a temple, but they fail to see the truth that Our Lady is both my mother and my father, and she called me to herself. My mortal parents, each a representative of light and dark, could not keep me as I belonged to the Mother of Shadows.

I have certain … unusual talents which Umbriel has seen fit to use to her glory. My spiritual fathers and mothers in the Church of Twilight have often sent me on holy errands throughout the Barrens, so I know the lie of the land, and how to avoid a runestorm before it strikes. Those who walk in the shadows of the truth need fear neither light nor darkness, neither lighning nor ‘demons’ (how that word makes me laugh!) Our Lady delights in stripping ‘creatures’ of their powers, and bringing all things into the shadows.

Brother Midnight

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