Mitchell [DEAD]

A pursuing blonde hunter


A good-looking – or at least someone who has been good looking, not with all the scars that he’s got now – man in his early 30s, with blonde and slightly greyish hair and nice smile – that quite often turns into a smirk, – he has some manners for your typical street thug. Which can lead to a conclusion he’s no ordinary street thug and rather a sword-for-hire.

He’s got a melodic voice and can do accents, but so far his original one seemed to be of that working-class type that can be easily found in GreyMesa.

He’s wearing a red scarf – an element the party has seen several times now on different people. Maybe it was a sing of some mercenary group? But what do they have to do with their search?..


The party encountered this unknown thug on the streets of Warden Cliff, heading a party of his two henchmen. They confused the party by asking them some simple yet aggressive questions and then attacked them; however, the attack turned out to be fruitless.

Since then he was nowhere to be seen, but something tells the party that if he has not perished in some quarrel, it wasn’t the last time they saw him.

And they were right: pursuing Scary Poppits after she had double-crossed the party, our heroes found their way into one of the barrens’ settlement called Moonshine, where Ms Poppits had met with a mysterious group of trained professionals – and one of them was the blonde man himself.

He met his doom during the Moonshine massacre, being captured whilst trying to escape by the Barren Knights. They hanged him, but he had spilled a few things to the party before his death.

Mitchell [DEAD]

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