Welcome to ScatterPoint

the City that Is, the City that Has Been and, hopefully, the City that Shall Be


  • No one remembers any more what happened to ScatterPoint that it had been ripped away from the universe and placed in this peculiar place of Neverland – or, rather, of Neverplace, as no one managed to go beyond the Veil that surrounds all the districts and the barrens and come back to tell the tale.
  • Scarred by runestorms, that make life and travel in the barrens a dangerous prospect, linked by a complex rail system between the districts, the dead and reborn city of ScatterPoint endured, rebuilt itself with a new face and struggle to survive in the world of madness that surrounds it. Despite all odds, the Rune Wars, the Storms, the birth of the first of the Andari, the ferocious and fearful half-humans half-something else called the Malakar, the working, humble but still dangerous when stepping on their tail Ferrens, the mechanised humans lost their soul – the Overwrought, or the cogs, despite all of that, the City stands, survives.
  • Yet, the life in the city limits – despite the relative safety of the city districts – can’t go on for ever, as people raise their heads and ponder – what is there beyond the Veil? Why are they here? Who – or what – have done it to them, and what exactly is their purpose?
    And these questions need answers, and thus – against the Autarch ruling of not asking such questions, and rail companies not really wanting to change anything in their perfectly working business scheme – some secret groups emerge to find a way to cross the Veil, the battle against the runestorms, and maybe find a slight hint of what is there on the other side.

But the shadows are lurking, and something – or someone – is undermining the progress.
We meet our mismatched, unexpected heroes gathered at a prestigious looking mansion, summoned by an unknown lord, to be tasked with finding a research team gone missing. A simple sounding task, which was just the beginning of the long and dark rabbit hole…

The City of ScatterPoint: Down the Rabbit Hole

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