An Andari runecaster


A nice looking, and gentle-speaking Andari, who didn’t seem to be keen on violence.
His soft, well-mannered speech eases his listeners, and make them wanting to listen to what this particular Andari has to say.

He wears some smart District clothes, as seen in the busiest central streets of GreyMesa, and from the look of him, one cannot assume that he suffers from poor wealth.


The party met with the Andari in one of the settlements in the barrens, called Moonshine, whilst pursuing Scary Poppits, once she had taken the documents from their mutual break-in into the mansion. He appeared to be one of the leaders of a band of professionals, resting at a local pub, and not particularly aggressive towards the heroes.

Once the party succeeded in noticing that Ms Poppits was amongst the band and, thus, attacked them, the Andari tried to persuade them not to go through with their plans. When it was proven fruitless, however, he revealed to be a runecaster, sliding into attacking state.

He was quick to abandon his fighting once the runestorm hit Moonshine. He led his remaining people out from the fighting and off to Barrens. Later, the party learnt that he apparently used a far door to travel back to Grey Mesa.


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