Scary Poppits [DEAD]

A hard-boiled no non-sense Andari retriever


A rather thin and short, tattooed woman who looked nothing like her profession of a Retriever. She doesn’t smile, and looks like she always wants to punch you in a face – just for not shutting up.

Kill Scary Poppits (from the to-do list of Br Midnight and Prof Ference)


The party met her in the barrens, where they were led by their mysterious saviour.
She was one of the newly formed group to infiltrate the mansion, presumed to belong to Alistair Pennsworth, a former Timothy’s gang member.

She provided the group with the mansion layout and a plan on how to get in without attracting too much attention.

When battling in the Vault, she proved to be very nimble and deadly against unaware enemies. Once the documents were retrieved, she got hold of them, and the party proceeded to the exit, where they met with the Malakar warband, apparently tasked to guard the mansion. However, Poppits was nowhere to be seen, as she had already vanished behind, making her way through the second floor.

The party followed her tracks, eventually catching up with Scary Poppits in a settlement a few days away. There she was to meet with a band of trained yet unknown people.

Scary Poppits [DEAD]

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