Joshua Eritton

One of the Red Wing band leaders


He looks gruffed, big, menacing and not particularly handsome, but it doesn’t seem that he needs to be considered a nice-looking man.
His face suffers from a few scars, and he would strip down more scars could’ve been found in his large torso.

He doesn’t display niceness towards others, and he’s prone to quick remarks and being left alone. Despite being large, many fail to notice his agility and quickness when it calls for action.


Joshua was one of the people Timothy talked about Scary Poppits in a barrens’ settlement the party had made their way to whilst pursuing Ms Poppits.

He wasn’t really eager to talk to Mulsummer, rather rudely asking him to ‘fuck off’.

He participated in Moonshine massacre and made his way to unconscious Scary Poppits, retrieving something from the parcel the party had stolen from the mansion, and, using the cover of the runestorm, broke off his fighting engagement with the party and left the scene.

The party met him on the other side of the discovered far door, in Grey Mesa Disctrict. Leading a small group of henchmen, he was standing there, clearly guarding the exit, trying to coerce the heroes to lay down their weapons and surrender, before he’d lose his temper.

Joshua Eritton

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