A Chief's son of a small Malakar warband


The eldest son of Malakar Chief’s warband, roaming the barrens with his kinsmen.

Looked rough, but displays a weird sense of honour. Speaks with a gruff voice, but doesn’t strike as a violent barbarian.


Gorbadoc is a leader of one of those Malakar warbands that can be easily found in the barrens.

He said that he is serving his Master – apparently, Lord Kenneth himself – to guard the mansion from any intruders. However, he failed to do so, when an attack from the members of the Red Wings lured them away and managed to sneak into the mansion, resulting in the party slashing their way to the Vault and retrieving the documents.

Gorbadoc agreed to let the party go in exchange for the documents – he made them give their word to bring the documents back.


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