Professor Erasmus Diligence Ference

A University professor curious about the other world summoning



Arcane Background (Runecaster)
Hero’s Mark > Demonologist
Scholar (Rune Lore, Knowledge: Demons)


Habit (minor): Treats any conversation as a lecture and any interlocutor as a student
Bad eyes (minor): Wears thick spectacles

Level ups:

N: Fighting and Throwing to d6
5: Powerpoints
10: Runecasting and Knowledge: Demons to d10
15: Smarts d12

S: Demon Servant (died – will return at next level-up)
5: 1 XP


Agility d6
Smarts d12
Spirit d8
Strength d4
Vigor d4

Derived Attributes

Charisma -1
Pace 5
Parry 6 (5 + 1 from staff)
Toughness 4


Runecasting (Sm) d10
Rune Lore (Sm) d8 +2 (Scholar)
Guts (Sp) d8
Notice (Sm) d8
Fighting (Ag) d6
Investigation (Sm) d8
Knowledge (Demons) d10 +2 (Scholar)
Throwing (Ag) d6


Detect/Conceal Arcana
Environmental Protection


Runestaff (Str + d4, 2 handed)


Lecturer’s clothes
Runecaster’s diary
40 Royals


Yes, well you see, the title of “Professor” is bestowed for a number of reasons, and the historical development of the term is really quite fascinating. You see, in the time known as (… long historical excursion on the meaning of the term ‘professor’…). Er, in any case I am known at University Towers as “Professor”, though I am somewhat uncertain if I will still be able to bear this title in the light of our recent, how should I say it – difficulties.

My given name is “Erasmus” which as many of you will certainly know means “beloved”, and I suppose, … as any child is, with the possible exception of those abandoned, that is to say, ah, ‘orphans’, though even orphans may be beloved of the good-hearted madams who care for their little souls and bodies. Where was I? Oh yes, my own parents, of whom I have good reason to believe I was beloved, gave me the name of “Erasmus”, and the second name “Diligence”, and what a stroke of foresight my dear departed progenitors had in giving me that other name, as I have indeed been most diligent in the pursuit of my studies of err… rune lore, and the small but fascinating matter of ‘creatures’.

Now many of the common folk, to which I am sure you are not counted – you do not look like a stupid person – may have some doubt about the nature of ‘runes’, but let me assure you that their usage is quite scientific, and subject to quite natural laws of usage. As to the matter of ‘creatures’, err, there I must confess that in spite of my detailed reading on the matter, and my research has been extensive, quite possibly more so than any of my peers or predecessors, and yet I must confess a certain uncertainty, though the phrase sounds preposterous at first as to the nature and proper summoning of such ‘creatures’. Only in recent months has my knowledge shall we say blossomed into practical usage, and I have had some great successes, oh yes some wonderful triumphs of ‘summoning’, and yet not entirely without … err… negative consequences. The small matter of a wolf ‘creature’ and myself and my comrade, err.. Mr Mulsummer, for which I do exhibit some regret, though the pure physical strength of the said ‘creature’ was really quite remarkable, quite remarkable.

Sorry, did I answer your question? Or is there anything else I could, that is to say, add?

Ah yes of course, my surname. It is commonly misunderstood that the name of “Ference” is somehow derived from “Ferren”. Now I am not of those, er shall we say gentlemen who are immediately predisposed to despise those of alternative anatomy, or my study of the ‘creatures’ would be very precarious to say the least, nevertheless I am quite adamant that the correspondence between my family name and the name of that, er shall we say ‘race’ is quite coincidental. As we can see, in any case the historical spelling of my surname differs if not greatly yet significantly by the omission (or mutatis mutandis inclusion) of an ‘r’, and the suffix ‘-ce’ is quite unlike the simple plural ‘-s’. No, I am of the opinion that my name predates the, as it is sometimes called, ‘severing’ and harks back to some ancient city of a similar name, a city which now, regretably, seems unreachable from the current configuration of geography around our beloved city home of Scatterpoint.

Professor Erasmus Diligence Ference

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