Dr Archibald Wilfred Smartperson

Dr Smiley, the head of the research team


Because of his unusual surname, everyone calls him ‘Dr Smiley’, and some, quite obviously, are more prone to insults like ‘Dr Smartarse’.

Maybe these insults or the overall state at University that drove Dr Smartperson to shift towards Maxwell-Heath Foundation and start working at their research institute. In time he became the head of the research team that was supposed to go testing some mysterious Prototype, and the team has gone missing.

He is of medium height, always tries to look important and serious, but quite often mumbles something to himself – especially when he’s completely lost in his work.

He wears small glasses, and likes to dress up, so that people would say he looks sharp.


(known to the party)

  • His address is 25 Rainbow Corner, 3rd Area at WardenCliff District, a surprisingly luxurious and fancy place for a researcher to live at.
  • His wife’s name is Matilda Smartperson.
  • He along with his research team was heading towards ChalkChain District

Archibald Wilfred Smartperson – more commonly known as ‘Dr Smiley’ – joined the University of RiddleRock at a quite late age. He wasn’t the best at the staff, and a most of his printed works include just theories on the nature of Runestorms and their effect on human body or other materials, and a scarce number of books on history of Scatter Point.

These weren’t the finest works to be recognised as a university rising star, and thus Dr Smartperson, despite being quite a professional in his own domain, faded into shadows of his more successful colleagues. He wasn’t the one everyone despised, or liked, but rather that guy you always forget the name of at your local watering hole.

Thus it came as a surprise when he was approached and offered a job by Maxwell-Heath Foundation, being the best research institute and boasting a large number of breakthroughs, and Dr Smartperson left his previous post at University to join the ranks of a newly formed research group at the Foundation.

After that it became all ‘hush-hush’, as he didn’t really continue to communicate much with his few friends, and clearly was more drawn into his current job.

Dr Archibald Wilfred Smartperson

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