Lord Dennis Kenneth

A mysterious benefactor


A man of no small posture, good manners and prone to smile – though his smile is usually quite reserved and doesn’t stay for long.

He has lowered, deep voice, and his speech seems to be of a slow pace. When he speaks, those who listen almost feel as if they are encumbered by his words, as Lord Kenneth doesn’t seem to be speaking with no reason.

He has dark short hair and small beard more of a unshaven style rather than a trimmed beard of stylish sorts.
Unfortunately for him, despite all his efforts and manners, he always look menacing, and emanates power. One doesn’t feel like it’d be a good idea crossing Lord Kenneth.

“You do understand that what I tell you is of utmost importance. And in the event of you telling even a tiny shred of this information to anyone outside of these walls, we would have to take matters into our hands. And, obviously, this meeting has never happened”


Not much is known about Lord Dennis Kenneth.

He seems wealthy enough, well-intentioned, but rather stay in the back, with no indication of his name being attached to any of the useful projects.

His speech and accent indicate that he is from high aristocracy, highborn lord of those old families close to Autarch and governing elite.

But other than that, what he does for living or whether he even needs to do anything for a living – judging from the look at his expensive clothes – remains a question.

Lord Dennis Kenneth

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