The City of ScatterPoint: Down the Rabbit Hole

Story so far...

in reversed order

  • As part of his inscrutable plan, Brits Hunter took a very confused Professor Ference hostage, at which point John Doe decided to pistol-whip the drunk former whitecloak, at which he muttered something about ‘running’ and ‘meeting in three days’. Doe and Ference were however tired of running from whitecloaks, and sank to their knees in surrender. Meanwhile Hunter tried to box his way out, hitting at two whitecloaks, and nearly drawing blood from one. This garnered him three bullets and a like number of wounds, at which he decided to ‘play dead’. The whitecloaks were not convinced, and one was just about to make sure that Brits was finished, when his own head exploded from a gunshot, which distracted the other whitecloak for long enough for Ference to take him out with his last power point and a well-placed bolt of runestorm lightning. It became clear that the hospital was under attack from some very violent assailants. Doe and Ference (with a useless NPC whose name I have wiped from the books of the living and the dead), hid in a storeroom inside some sacks of herbs. Brits however held his ground, to see that the place was being overrun by a gang of well-armed and ruthless rat-men (Ferren), and so went back to playing dead. At this point the story splits into two.
    The blue-patched Ferren, led by a dark-haired Andari, were in no way convinced by Brits’ act, and asked him if he knew who Timothy Mulsummer was. Fearing for his new partner in crime’s life, Brits claimed that a poor escaping invalid was Mulsummer, as that was the only other Andari present, and the Ferren promptly executed the wretch. To everyone’s surprise and relief, once the Ferren found the real Mulsummer, they in fact bandaged him up and carefully extracted him from the scene, taking Brits along as Mulsummer’s friend.
    Meanwhile in the storeroom a lone Ferren entered, and despite the smell of herbs was able to sniff out John Doe, who tried to wrestle him him from inside the bag. At this point Erasmus Ference (in fact the name has quite a different etymology from Ferren, though you would be forgiven for making the error on a purely philological ground blah blah blah), leapt out of his bag (!) and bludgeoned the Ferren to death with his teaching cane (!). Doe and Ference then put the Ferren’s body in a bag, and then climbed back into their own, thus evading a party of Ferren sent to eliminate any other witnesses on the scene. Doe and Ference hurried upstairs to leap to relative safety on a neighbouring roof, from where they could see the gang of Ferren hurrying off with an unconscious Mulsummer and a bloody Brits Hunter.
  • Professor Erasmus Diligence Ference had hoped that his ‘little doggie’ would bring back the man in the red neckscarf back for questioning, but unfortunately he brought back his bloody head. Meanwhile the botanical gardens continued to burn, so Professor Ference and Timothy Mulsummer decided it was time to leave, and get back to the station to rendezvous with John Doe. As the aim was to blend into the crowd, it seemed foolish to take the hell hound with them, so Professor Ference tried to dispel the beast … and failed. Predictably the demon, known for its ferocious nature, decided Erasmus Diligence was his next quarry. The Professor made a foolish attempt to reason with the beast, and was promptly savaged on both shoulders. Timothy Mulsummer, with his phobia of all things canine predictably ran away, though then got together some courage to defend his companion, also remembering that he actually knows some magic, blasting the creature with magic bolts…and missing. This was enough to distract the beast from his current prey, and as it went for his attacker. When all seemed lost, John Doe appeared with two new companions, one of them Brits Hunter who saved the day and sent the demon dog back to Wherever it Came From.
    As many people were leaving the botanical gardens wounded with splinters of hot glass, it was actually easy by now to blend into the crowd, and Timothy and Erasmus were able to get their wounds treated by some Shadowpriests, under the watchful eye of some Whitecloaks. One shadowpriest objected to Professsor Ference’s obviously magical staff, and asked him to wait whilst he went and got we know not who. Brits Hunter took this as a sign to defend his new friend, shooting a guarding Whitecloak through the head, before trying to cover his guilt by covering a poor injured man with his cloak, hitting him with his gun and with Professor Ference’s staff. All in full view of all conscious wounded people and the doctors.
    The scene ended with Whitecloaks returning to the murder scene and being informed by the confused doctors about what the drunk Brits Hunter had done…
  • The party boarded on a train and made their way to the RustWater District, the one with lots of glass enveloping the pavement to protect its dwellers from the steam and geysers found in that district in abundance. Whilst John Doe went to find out if his former colleague was still working here, Prof. Ferrence and Mr Mulsummer went to see the famous Botanical Garden in the district’s heart. There their thievery went wrong, forcing Mulsummer to retreat through the plants, and Prof. Ferrence was surrounded by two men wearing red-scarves and asking questions at a gunpoint – ‘What did you find?’ and ‘What do you know?’. Not giving them anything away, Erasmus waited long enough for Mulsummer to come back and to use his spell to dispatch one of them. The other ran away, chased by a magical creature Ferrence summoned to defend themselves.
  • Trying to find a way out from the district, our heroes-turned-villains played hide-and-seek near the train station, where, at the local pub, Mulsummer talked to his previous acquaintances, a giant barman Grey Hound, who explained a few necessary information to the party, and then told Timothy that his previous gang leader, Alistair, now a big crime lord, is looking for him. And not to pat him on a shoulder.
  • After a few weird transfers from one complex to another, the party found a way to break away from their guards. And it all resulted in a bloody escape from the prison.
  • After the attack, the party decided to run away from the Whitecloaks, the district guards, and, eventually, to fight them. It led them to being incapacitated and captured.
    Coming to their senses, the party found themselves in prison in the BlackShackle District. There our heroes were questioned by the warden, Captain James Hedgelerend, and the lead investigator of that matter, Lieutenant Jared O’Toolewinter. After an unexpected barrister arrived, named Pascal Beaumont (apparently working for the Maxwell-Heath Foundation or even Lord Kenneth himself), who urged the party not to tell anything to the authorities, as they had all signed the disclosure agreement. Little did he know that Prof. Ferrence had already managed to let a few things slip off his tongue when talking to Lt. Jared…
  • After leaving the house, the heroes were attacked by a few thugs led by a red-scarfed blonde man. They managed to scare them away after Prof. Ferrence used his ‘ghost bomb’.
  • The party decided to go to the WardenCliff District, a posh and secured district of ScatterPoint, as they found out that that was where Dr Smartperson resided. The heroes found his wife, Matilda Smartperson, and a weird doorman named Toraq, who Mulsummer believed to be a Malakar (a ferocious and rare being of evil nature, touched by Runestorms), but she was unable to help the party with their requests, telling that her husband was ‘on a business trip’ and ‘absent’. She promised to telegram them when he would return.
  • Prof. Ferrence made an inquiry to find out what Dr Smartperson (also known as Dr Smiley or Smartarse) had been working on before being recruited by the Maxwell-Heath Foundation. Mostly it was theories on the nature of Runestorms and their effect on human body or other materials, and a scarce number of books on the history of ScatterPoint.
  • The only remaining guard, who were tasked to defend the Archives, named Roger, is now at the BlackShackle District held in prison. The only word he could mutter upon being asked who’d attacked the place was ‘shadows’.
  • The Bank of Archives for Maxwell-Heath Foundation was located in the legendary Crumbling Factory, the one from the legends and the only structure believed to survive since the first and last Runic War. It was attacked, and all five plans for the project were stolen.
  • The research team, led by Dr Smartperson, has disappeared with the prototype they had intended to test. The last location they were going to and were heard of in was the ChalkChain District.
  • The party was summoned by Lord Dennis Kenneth to 12, Narrow Street, at the GreyMesa District, where you met with the CEO of Maxwell-Heath Foundation which is known to be the best research institute. Upon signing the disclosure agreement, they were told that the Foundation (with an unclear role of Lord Kenneth in this affair) was working on a highly secret project of a flying machine that could defy the runestorms anomaly (which, basically, chained all travelling to the ground, made barrens an unfriendly place to visit, created the Andari and the Malakar, and, basically, bounded ScatterPoint to its borders of nowadays).



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