The City of ScatterPoint: Down the Rabbit Hole


Quick summary up till now:

  • We got into the mansion through the shitter.
  • We killed some overwrought and a red scarf.
  • We were confused as the mansion was being defended from the other side, and some people were hiding in a safe room.
  • We got the documents. Well, Scary Poppits did.
  • Derrick Richardson’s head exploded. Ha ha ha.
  • We were stopped by Gorbadoc whilst escaping.
  • Scary Poppits had fucked off with the documents.
  • We were Gorbadoc’s guests/prisoners in his camp.
  • He told us something about the Redwing organisation, and its connection with Alaistair Pennsworth.
  • We agreed to return the documents to Gorbadoc (mon oiel!)
  • Timothy Mulsummer did some cool library research.
  • We tracked Poppits to a one-horse town.
  • We fruitlessly searched for Poppits in the tavern, the temple and the square.
  • We paid a sifter to find her. She was in the tavern. D’oh!
  • We laid a crappy ambush for her and instead of talking… we started to fight (hooray!)



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